Wooden Scrap

Wooden Scrap of Laxmi Scrap Enterprise

We are one of the renowned buyers and suppliers of imported wooden scrap like; particle board scrap, plywood board scrap, wood scrap, ply, furniture, tables, wooden chairs, doors, windows, wooden sheets, etc. We buy and offer Imported and Indian quality Wooden scraps to many of our customers as per their specifications and requirements.

These wooden scraps can be used to make round logs, square blocks, wood stuff, wood piece, furniture etc. Imported wood scrap is commonly used to fuel fires, as it is often in abundance. Let us know if you need to dispose off your old wooden scrap or are interested in buying wooden raw materials.

Call us on +91 98204 88951 if you need to dispose off your home / commercial wooden scrap at the best possible rates. You can also mail us at info@laxmiscrapenterprise.com