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About Us

Scrap is a term used to refer to any junk or waste that can be recycled or reprocessed and made into something else. Scrap metals are very valuable and can be discarded to scrap merchants or whom in layman terms we call the 'bhangarwalas'. These are old metals and the difference between the metals is the price each metal can fetch. Metals like copper and aluminium can fetch you more returns when you discard them off than metals like iron, depends on the quantity a person would want to dispose off.

Old cars and spare parts can be sold as scrap. Other types of scrap also include computer scrap - including old monitors, printers, cables, etc., wooden scrap, furniture scrap etc. Read our complete services list here.

People all over the world discard off their scrap in return for cash, the most common type of scrap being newspaper scrap. Different scrap buyers pay you different prices for the same metal and quantity. Having done some ground research on the basic metal price and the manner in which a scrap merchant will dispose of the scrap is a must.

Laxmi Scrap Enterprise buys all kinds of home, office and industrial scrap. Old furniture, fridges, air conditioners, all types of metals, computer scrap and its peripherals, car parts electronic waste, newspapers etc. We also offer office and building dismantling and demolishing services.

At Laxmi Scrap Enterprise, we are very aware of global warming and its effects, hence we make our best efforts to dispose off scrap in a way, keeping a check on our carbon footprint.